Friday, September 9, 2011


I just click send on my first submission ever.


Climbing off my pity pot...

I climbed off and got back to work. In the last couple of weeks I wrote and edited a 4500 piece to submit for consideration in an anthology. It's ready to go. All that is left is to write my author bio and put the work into the proper format. I'm nervous.

Focus is a major issue for me. Putting my ass in the chair has been easy but putting my focus to the page has been damn near impossible. I have a multitude of ideas screaming through my brain but sometimes getting them out is hard.

Choosing character names makes me insane. I feel like I'm naming my children. Which, I didn't do. My husband named all three of our children. He did great. Some times I wished he'd name my characters for me too.

So, I'm back with my ass in the chair and my nose to the screen and determination in my bones. I have a five year plan that revolves around writing and I plan on seeing it through.