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Get your copy of Creative Curses!

Foul language. 
Bad words. 

There is an explicative for every human situation. But what do you do when your standard four letter curse just isn't enough? You create your own!

Get your copy of Say Something: An Anthology!

Have you ever been moved by the lyrics of a song? In this anthology, seven authors of various genres listened to A Great Big World's evocative hit song, "Say Something" – and used their interpretation of the words as inspiration for a short story. Contemporary to paranormal to historical, enjoy a wide variety of characters and settings, all with the same basic theme: say something.

Get your copy of The Rebel Spy!
Tamsyn Moody wants to go home to her mother and leave war-ravaged Virginia behind her. She doesn't think her husband will ever return, and staying alone in their cabin with their five-year-old daughter isn't safe any more. But when her mortally wounded husband appears and makes a dying request, she can't refuse him - no matter what the danger may be.
James Steele is tired. Tired of war. Tired of death. Tired of being alone. With the end of the war imminent, he looks forward to reconnecting with his family in Boston and moving forward with his life. But, when a rebel spy is found on the road to Appomattox with a letter that could change the course of the war, his plans for the future are forever changed.

Get your copy of Seductive Company!
 Getting lost in the middle of nowhere wasn't how Kelly Nichols envisioned her weekend going. But when her knight in shining armor turns out to be the sexy best-selling author Scott Boone, she’s definitely willing to embrace the unexpected.
Plagued with writer's block, Scott Boone left the city for a cabin in the Cascades hoping the solitude would help him finish his latest novel on time. Will a stranded motorist be just the muse he needs to get the creative juices flowing again? Or will he find something in her he can’t live without?

Get your copy of Falling Hard!

  Melissa Forsythe is looking forward to a visit with her best friend. A girl should be able to relax in Montana for a day or two on a ranch, right? But when a sexy cowboy from her past meets her at the door instead of her BFF, will she make it home with her heart intact? Or will she fall hard and leave a piece of it in Montana?
Wyatt Milliken has been in love with his sister-in-law's best friend since their fantastic evening at his brother's wedding five years ago. His prayers are answered when she shows up on his door step in Montana, but will he be brave enough to confess his feelings for her? Or will he watch her walk out of his life a second time?


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