Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Most Tuesday mornings... I have no idea what I'm going to post for that days teaser. It's a rare Tuesday when I've planned ahead! At some, I probably need to remedy this....

So as I was scrolling through my pieces... I found the PERFECT one for today. It's short but I love it and I hope you do too!

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    Feeling the fur brush against her leg, she reached down and touched the head of the wolf as her sharp eyes watched the people outside the house. There was a soft growl as the two people embraced, and she laughed softly. “That’s her brother.” She nudged the wolf gently. “You should come tonight and meet her.” A low hmmpff was her answer as a howl cut through the air. The two in front of the house turned towards the trees where she stood motionless with the black furred wolf. Neither feared they would be seen, standing in the lengthening shadows of trees. The hunt comes first he told her as he turned towards the thickening forest up the mountain. She nodded as the wolf slipped away.
    She felt the magic snap around her as twilight shifted rapidly to full night and she caught the odor on the breeze. Death was moving across the mountain. One of her cousins howled and she smiled. He had caught the scent as well.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Good Morning and Happy Spring to you! The flowers are popping everyone and gardens are being started in my neck of the woods! How about yours? My cabbage and lettuce plants have tiny shoots and the wisteria flowers make me smile every time I drive by them! Spring brings a sort of magic with it, don't you think?

My unedited teaser today comes to you from an original start to a story that I'd set aside several years ago. Don't forget to check out the fabulous Krystal Shannan and her teaser as well!

The day before they had crossed a sizeable river and George began to feel at ease. Only when the urge to keep going evaporated did he begin to notice how tired Sarah was. Dark circles had appeared under her eyes and she dropped into a heavy sleep earlier each evening, often before she had even finished her supper. The nights were continuing to grow colder and George was eager to get a temporary shelter set up.
“George, wake up.” Sarah was stiff under his arm. “George,” she shook her husband.
          “The fire still burns, Sarah.” George’s eyes were slow to open. His wife was not the only one who was exhausted. After following a small stream up the side of a small mountain, they had found the spring head. George had felled trees for nearly sixteen hours that day with his small hand axe and his muscles were screaming at him.
“George, there is a man.” Sarah whispered hoarsely, “At the edge of the trees.” George’s green eyes were unfocused as he narrowed them and scanned the dark trees for danger, either real or imagined by his wife. Reaching for the musket at his feet he became aware that in the few moments he had managed to sleep, the forest around them had gone unnaturally silent.
Then he saw the man, seeming to materialize out of the shadows, stepping just to the edge of the light cast by the fire. A flicker of wonder flashed briefly through his mind, Sarah had seen the man in the darkness beyond the fire. “It’s a native.” George whispered gently to his trembling wife as he stood. His worry rapidly escalating as he recalled that the natives of the area were not known to be friendly, especially with the colonies whispering about war with the King. When the native started to walk towards their meager campsite, George jerked to stand in front of his wife and raised his gun.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Today's teaser is part of a piece I am currently working on called First Contact. Don't forget to check out Krystal Shannan's  teaser as well! Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!!

Paige’s gaze found the most recent photo of her five year old daughter. Pulling the photo from its spot on the desk she smoothed her finger over the smiling face.
Five long months.
Paige smoothed back her recently shorn short blond hair. She missed having hair on the back of her neck but the S.E. insisted both men and women in the program adhere to strict guidelines. Women weren’t given a pass on the rules regarding hair length.
“Miss Durgan?” the sultry voice of Rita crackled over the intercom. The woman could have made twice her salary as a phone sex operator.
“I’m here, Rita,” Paige answered with a deep breath.
“Are you okay, honey?” Rita’s eyes and ears were everywhere. Paige smiled at the woman’s concern.
            “Alright, then, Mr. Sato is asking for everyone to meet in lounge. Five minutes.” Rita clicked the
  intercom off and Paige sat in silence at her desk.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

*tires squealing*
I'm late! I couldn't decide this morning on what to post and then I had to run out for my weekly volunteer work.... I apologize! But I'm here now with a nice little snippet settled upon!

I know it's only Tuesday but how has your week started off? Is it treating you right? I started the week off by keeping my son home sick on Monday. He's better and off to school today. I've been rejected for two jobs (not writing related) and went this morning to apply at another only to discover that the business didn't open until 9am and I wasn't able to stick around waiting for them to open! (This was at 7:50am)!

So... on to the teaser! This is part of a really short piece (only about 4k words) that is actually completed! Haha! Don't forget to check out the fanta-bulous Krystal Shannan's  teaser as well.... I hear there's Vikings!!

Wyatt heard the car stop in front of the house. Right on time. His sister-in-law, Stacie, had been certain her friend would get lost. His knees popped as he stood from the porch swing and he ignored the dull ache in his shoulder. An arctic blast was blowing in from Canada but he didn’t need the weather man to tell him that. The aches in his joints were accurate enough as he moved down the steps.
 “Missy Forsyth,” Wyatt called out unable to hide his grin. He had met Missy when his brother had married her best friend in Georgia. Missy froze mid-step at the sound of his voice. Wyatt stumbled over his work boots as his eyes met hers. Her dark grey eyes glittered with tears. “Darlin’, are you all right?”
“Yes, I’m okay,” she hurried to wipe away the evidence of her tears. “It’s Melissa. Stacie is the only person who still calls me Missy,” she added with a tight smile. “It’s good to see you, Wyatt.” Melissa hesitated before she extended her hand.
Wyatt’s eyes swept over her body for any sign that physical harm had caused her tears. He smiled as his warm hand wrapped around her cold one. “I see you’re still a little mite.” He chuckled as he pushed his hat back and looked down at her. The top of her head didn’t quite reach his chin. He recalled how she had fit against him when they’d danced at the wedding. “Are you sure you’re all right?”
“I can see why Stacie hasn’t made any plans to come back to Georgia.” Melissa ignored his question and gestured towards the view. Behind the two-story brick ranch house stood a red barn and stable. Beyond them the deep autumn colors reflected in the sunset off the Rockies. “It’s beautiful. I’m glad I brought my camera.”
It just got a whole lot prettier. Wyatt nodded in agreement. “Stacie has had her eye on the weather all week. She hopes the mountain peaks catch their first snowfall while you’re here.”
“Where is Stacie?” Melissa asked. A cold wind rustled by and she stepped closer to him. Her warm vanilla fragrance filled his nostrils and Wyatt wondered if she tasted like vanilla too.
“Stacie and Jack ran into town to see the doctor.” Wyatt touched Melissa’s arm and reached past her into the back seat for her suitcase.
“Is Stacie okay?” She asked as they started across the yard.
“Junior wants to make an early appearance,” Wyatt said over his shoulder as they stepped inside the house. He caught her eyes as they rolled up his backside. He grinned at her embarrassment....