Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Today's teaser is part of a piece I am currently working on called First Contact. Don't forget to check out Krystal Shannan's  teaser as well! Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!!

Paige’s gaze found the most recent photo of her five year old daughter. Pulling the photo from its spot on the desk she smoothed her finger over the smiling face.
Five long months.
Paige smoothed back her recently shorn short blond hair. She missed having hair on the back of her neck but the S.E. insisted both men and women in the program adhere to strict guidelines. Women weren’t given a pass on the rules regarding hair length.
“Miss Durgan?” the sultry voice of Rita crackled over the intercom. The woman could have made twice her salary as a phone sex operator.
“I’m here, Rita,” Paige answered with a deep breath.
“Are you okay, honey?” Rita’s eyes and ears were everywhere. Paige smiled at the woman’s concern.
            “Alright, then, Mr. Sato is asking for everyone to meet in lounge. Five minutes.” Rita clicked the
  intercom off and Paige sat in silence at her desk.


  1. Wait... what? That's it? That's all? But I want more!

  2. Very good. I'd like that for the beginning hook for your story.