Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

I dropped down onto my cheap office chair this morning, fired up the pc and opened up a blank new post page. Then, I tried to step back and look at where I am, right now, with my writing. 

I forgot that I was sitting and flipped the chair over. Never fear! I am unharmed! There was, however, a lot of giggling from behind me. 

Rotten child. 

I began to focus on writing well over a year ago. I put my ass in the chair and started to write. I took a couple of online writing classes, finished a couple of pieces... submitted a couple of times... got rejected a couple of times.... 

And find myself exactly where I was when I started so many months ago. No where. 

It's depressing. I'm battling a lot of self-doubt these days. Once my teaser is posted for today I must make the rounds of submitting employment applications .... again. (Being rejected for every job I've applied to brings its own challenges).

Now I don't post about my insecurities to make you feel sorry for me. Of course, prayers are always appreciated... 

No, I say this because sometimes, I need to get it off my chest. Know that someone is aware of my struggle... know that I'm not alone.

And then, I can get back to being positive... slowly plodding along.... and offering a little tease for your reading pleasure.... 

Lanie took a deep breath. The smells of books, new and old, filled her nostrils. The aroma comforted her. She gently closed the book. A smile tugged on her lips. The story of Samael and A’turah had been her favorite part of the book the write. It had also been the hardest. She’d felt a deep connection with A’turah. The young woman who’d bargained with Death for an extra year of life.
Only to fall in love and leave more behind.
She lifted her eyes to the crowd. Their silence sent a shiver up her spine. They seemed to stare at her without breathing.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

Nearly forgot about posting a teaser!!! It's short since I am on my way out the door to meet the kids at school! 

Samael looked over A’turah’s pallid body. The shallow rise and fall of her breast told him he’d arrived just in time. Her end was near. She was still so young to make the crossing to the other side.
Her eyes fluttered open. He waited, knowing it would take several moments for her to focus on him standing at the foot of her bed. When her gaze finally settled on him, she smiled.
“My love, you’ve come to me,” she whispered in the deprived raspy voice of the near-dead. She held out her hand and flinched with pain. His heart cried out for him to end her suffering… but he knew it was too soon. “Will you guide me to the other side?”

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

Just a quick tease this morning! Hope the day is good to you! 

Christmas Eve…
“Do you think you have this in a size 16 in the back?”
Lanie took a deep breath. A smartly dressed business woman stood in front of her holding a pair of black slacks. Her teeth clenched and she forced a tight smile.
“No, ma’am, all our inventory is on the sales floor.”
“Could you just check?”
Her nails bit into her palms and she closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and held her smile in place. There were twelve people waiting in line.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

Happy Tuesday!!!! 

How was your holiday? It was quiet in the London household... the silence only broken by the screams of the oldest children when the youngest London child decided to wallop them over the head with something. 

Ah... the joy of siblings.

Needless to say, I was more than happy to send the children back to school this morning after a long weekend. And the youngest skipped merrily off to Gma London's for a couple of hours.
With my caffeine in hand and after much thought... I've decided to try and return to my Tuesday Teasers... consistency is important, right?  Especially when it's the only thing I do on my blog... I need to remedy that too... *taps chin* 

Today's teaser comes to you from a current WIP that I'm calling... A Vampire for Christmas

So, without further delay... happy reading! 

Cold December air wrapped around her ankles and swirled under her long black skirt. Lanie Hunter shivered and hurried across the wet pavement, cursing her decision to wear a skirt on what became the coldest day of the season. Blinking wreaths decorated the lamp posts of Main Street in Tanner. Lanie slowed to enjoy them, a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. The bright colored lights were her favorite part of the otherwise hectic holiday.  
A horn blared and she glanced over to see an angry driver waiting for her to move from the middle of the road. In the fading evening light, he flipped her off from behind the wheel. The tic tic of her heeled shoes against the road came to a stop. Her jaw clenched and she narrowed her eyes at the driver.