Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

Nearly forgot about posting a teaser!!! It's short since I am on my way out the door to meet the kids at school! 

Samael looked over A’turah’s pallid body. The shallow rise and fall of her breast told him he’d arrived just in time. Her end was near. She was still so young to make the crossing to the other side.
Her eyes fluttered open. He waited, knowing it would take several moments for her to focus on him standing at the foot of her bed. When her gaze finally settled on him, she smiled.
“My love, you’ve come to me,” she whispered in the deprived raspy voice of the near-dead. She held out her hand and flinched with pain. His heart cried out for him to end her suffering… but he knew it was too soon. “Will you guide me to the other side?”