Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Good morning!!! Guess what time it is!!!! TUESDAY MORNING TEASE TIME!

Now, to be honest, I have pondered long and hard about what I wanted to tease you with this week. My paranormal's hero was NOT happy when I set him aside last week for a tryst with my highlanders. He currently has my muse bound and gagged in the corner. He demands that I finish his story before I even consider working on any of the others brewing in this pretty little head of mine.

So, I decided to leave you with a little taste of my hero. As always, unedited. Don't forget to hop over to my partner in writing crime's page,  Krystal Shannan to check out her Tuesday dose of tease!

Alcaeus stared hungrily at her across the room, sleeping. Despite the dark, he could see the subtle changes in the tiniest muscles of her face as the nightmares slowly began to swirl in her subconscious.
She looked damned delicious.
He had not eaten in more days than he cared to recall. The la Mia was in danger and his assignment was to protect her. Danger was eminent as he had stalked across the state in an attempt to keep up with her.
Alcaeus had circled the perimeter of the house after she had fallen into the deepest of her REM sleep. He’d hoped for a light snack. Nothing moved. Everything in the mountain forest surrounding the Graham house was tucked hidden and unmoving. Something evil lurked just beyond. Even with his enhanced senses, Alcaeus could not find it. But he could feel it. The tingle of its magic creeping slowly up his skin.
It wasn’t just any evil.
It was Layla. Alcaeus curled his lip with disgust. Lillith’s demon spawn lurked nearby. Her stench so strong he could taste her in the back of his throat.
Nothing could have prepared him as he crept softly back inside her house. He had not had time to really look at the la Mia until tonight. And he was unprepared for the shock that was Vivian Graham.
Hunger welled up, slicing through his bones at his first unhindered glimpse of her slender neck. His teeth ached to break the porcelain skin, to see the blood run as he fed.
A distant grumble of thunder helped reign in his growing hunger pains. There was an all night truck stop about sixty miles away. If he could be certain of her safety, he could go back for something more satisfying than squirrel blood.
She moaned as Alcaeus eased himself into the chair across from her bed and kicked a leg out from beneath the layers of quilts. Flushed, her breathing had accelerated. He could smell the scent of her arousal in the air.
Alcaeus’ gaze followed her leg, from the slightly crooked tiniest toe, up, up, until the bare leg disappeared under the quilt just above her right thigh. If she wore bottoms, they were incredibly short. His cock tightened and hardened at the mental flash of what lay hidden in the darkness of the quilt.
Alcaeus loved modernity – short shorts and willing women. 


  1. Nice tease, April. Now I'll email you. :)

  2. That's a great tease. I want to know more.


  3. No April, don't leave me here. I want more. :}