Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

Good morning and Happy Fall!!!!!

I hope this week's tease finds you all healthy and happy! Cooler weather brings much needed relief for the London clan. Allergies are alleviated in the Little London's, I can finally breath again and bugs begin to disappear... YAY!!!

Without further ado... this week's teaser... 
Cotton Candy Skies
(as always, unedited). 


          She stroked the fine strands of hair away from the tiny face. Her arm ached. She’d held the baby all night. Her fingertip traced the chin, up the jaw and around the ear. Tiny lips quivered. Nights she lay awake, watching the baby sleep were the only moments of pure bliss she felt.
         It was the only time she felt anything anymore.
         Life became dull. Monotonous. She went through the motions every day, a smile on her face. No one the wiser to her misery. Sunsets no longer made her pause to soak in those last rays of the day. Spring no longer brought the deep satisfaction of an earth awakening from a long, cold winter. A kiss no longer took her breath away.
          But these moments, before the rest of the world awoke… staring into that cherub face that would bring so much frustration later…
         She smiled. For a moment her heart filled with hope. Joy.


  1. Sweet and sad at the same time. Sigh....

  2. Reminds me of when my daughter was a baby.