Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Oops! Totally sidetracked this morning! Spring cleaning has taken over! I have one room left in the house to de-clutter, clean and organize and then it's on to the garage! Ugh, the garage. Let's not even think about that mess right now. I'm southern... we don't use our garage for vehicles.... it's more like... storage. Ha!

So...after minimal fretting about... I've settled on my teaser for this beautiful spring day! Don't forget to check out Krystal Shannan's  teaser! It's great! She's nearing the finish line on her WIP called Misplaced Heiress.  

                                                              GO KRYSTAL GO!!!! 
Hope you enjoy it!!!!!!

    The heat wave had been rolling through the city without mercy for more sunrises than Dominica cared to count. She had lain awake, unable to sleep, praying to the gods for rain while listening to the silence of her family’s villa. Tossing the thin rose colored sheets aside, she up another plea that the heat would soon end, for even sleeping without clothes had ceased providing any relief during the night. Reaching for the thin wrap she kept nearby, she headed for the door, stopping only to listen for any sounds. Slipping quietly out of her room, Dominica slid softly through the dimly lit hall towards her Father’s tablinum. The late hour assured her that the servants and slaves would be abed. She knew her Father was still in his study, having not heard him pass by her rooms for his own. He had spent most of the night there, in deep and often loud discussion with the men whom had arrived just after the evening meal.
    So intent upon checking on her Father, she did not see the black shadow moving soundless behind her.
“Nica.” Despite the familiarity of the deep voice, Dominica spun, startled, pulling her nearly sheer wrap more tightly around her.
    “Bricius!” Dominica glared at the sole private soldier that her Father employed as he leaned casually against a pillar in the shadows outside her room. “Do not frighten me!” She saw the flash of white as he smiled at her discomfort. Bricius had worked closely with her Father for the last decade and Dominica suspected that the soldier was the tool behind much of the violence surrounding her Father’s enemies in the Senate. Despite it, Dominica felt at ease in the soldier’s presence.


  1. I like Roman stories. A little use of author's voice there, but well done all the same.

    I've been doing a little spring cleaning myself, worked all day last Friday, getting the mold off my bathrooms walls. Then I had my daughter do the floor while I washed the bathroom rugs. Its all sparking clean in there now, but it won't last.


  2. I'm not sure I like Bricius or not. I need to read more to be sure...