Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Teaser Tuesday!

Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday!  It seems that blogger has been changing up the format here .... and true to my Taurus nature.... I don't like change. (You can only imagine how frustrated I've been as Facebook changes over to timeline... hate it). So I'm a little late getting the teaser up today... but it's part of the piece that I am currently working on. (And praying that my muse will allow me to remain focused on until it ends! I swear I have writer's A.D.D.).

As always... it's unedited! :) Don't forget to stop by Krystal Shannan's  blog for a taste of her now FINISHED WIP! Woo woo!!! GO KRYSTAL!!!!!!

    “She was your friend?” 
    Livia nodded just as the litter jerked to a sudden halt, and found herself nearly thrown into the floor. 
   “The fool driver must be in the wine again, Attia.” The shouting outside began in earnest and the litter rocked as something heavy slammed against it.
    “Get down!” Attia screamed as she flung herself to the floor. Dominica moved to pull aside the fabric and peak out the window to discover what all the commotion was about. ‘No!” The woman screamed, grabbed Dominica by the braid and dragged her down. “We are for certain under attack you foolish twit!” The sudden scream of a man nearby sent a chill through Dominica’s heart.
    “My Father said the roads to Arcavius were safe! The barbarians are peaceful here!” Dominica tried to moved but the woman held tightly to both girls.
    The sudden silence frightened Dominica more intensely than the sounds of the guards fighting moments before. The steady falling of footsteps grew closer to the litter the three women huddled in. “Here,” Attia hissed, pulling a silver dagger she had hidden in the folds of her dress. “Quickly, slit your wrist before the barbarian takes us!”
    Dominica looked at the knife the woman pushed into her hands. She had often heard of other women, taking their own lives rather than fall to the savages.
    “Nica!” The voice boomed from outside a moment before the door ripped away. The cool air of the mountains rushed inside and bathed over her. Dominica sat frozen, the man glaring in at her was unrecognizable. Dark eyes flickered quickly to the other women and then the knife.
    “Quickly, before he reaches in!” Attia whispered.
    “You will do no such thing.” Snatching the dagger with one hand, he gripped Dominica with the other and pulled. She tried to resist. “Do you forget me so quickly outside your villa walls?”


  1. Ooh Love it!! Can't wait to read more esp about the guy at the end....ahem..... love the strong assertive types *grins*

  2. I so want to read the rest of this!

  3. I love this and I want more!