Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

Happy Tuesday! We are well into the May countdown! Two days until my birthday (woo woo!), five until Mother's day, nine until our wedding anniversary (wee! nine years!!), twenty-four days and I'm on a jet plane headed for Arizona Dreamin'! WOO WOO!!!

Now, my Tuesday Teaser isn't long and the part that I scribbled out was never finished and written several years ago and tucked away. When I found it this morning I knew it was what I wanted to share with you! Don't forget to hop over to Krystal Shannan's teaser... it's hot hot hot!!!! Leave a comment so we know you dropped by!!!!

On to the teaser... and as always ... unedited. 

 “Hold on, I’m running late.” Lily called as she disappeared into the bathroom. Sam frowned as he watched the door close behind her. The tension radiating from her was enough to choke him. Glancing around the tiny one bedroom apartment he noted that nothing ever seemed to change. The couch and the chair had not changed since she had bought them five years before. Apparently she didn’t sit on them much, they still looked new. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the open bottle of wine and the empty glass on the corner table.

“Celebrating early, Lily?” Sam picked up the bottle, open but still full and chilled, and glanced at the label. Cheap. She never could pick out decent wine.

“I am a bit nervous, Sam.” Lily whispered from behind him. “I have not seen most of these people in over six months.” Sam nodded with understanding as he poured the glass half full and handed it to her. Taking in the sight of her as she quickly tilted the glass back. Sam had seen her the last time, six months before after receiving a phone call from an ER doctor.


  1. Happy, happy, happy celebrations! I like the new look of the blog, and interesting teaser.

  2. I'm intrigued! Very vivid, well written characters! Hope you finish this one!

  3. Interesting! Yay, on the celebrations! May is a big month for you. AND.... the banner looks FANTASTIC!