Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! I hope every one had a wonderful holiday weekend! Don't forget that taking a moment to thank our military men and women should be year round and not limited to just one day. :-) With an active genealogy file on my desk, I am also reminded of the countless men and women in my personal family tree who served in battles almost forgotten.

It's the start of a busy week for us as well! Today is the first of the last few days of school for the children and I am in the final countdown to Arizona Dreamin'! Woo woo!!! I'm so excited! It's my first trip without family and children in tow in almost a decade!!!!! I've been packing and repacking for two weeks now... and as I sit here, I'm getting ready to do it again... *giggle*

Okay, okay... so before I ramble on too much and do something like... forget the children at school.... on with the teaser! Don't forget to check out Krystal Shannan's  teaser... I took a peak and let me tell you... it's SMOKIN' HOT over on her blog! *fans* Don't forget to leave a comment!

Happy Tuesday!

Luna's black boots crunched along the worn path. The steady thump of her steps on the dirt was the only sound in the forest. The silence didn't concern her. Birds had been absent from this part of the country for nearly a century. Her gaze swept the trees in front of her as she moved. Bobcats and black bears were still seen on occasion. A metallic scent carried on an icy breeze and she quickened her steps. The fear of being caught in the mountain forest in an early season snow storm weighed heavy on her mind. The regulated temperatures on Yue - Liang caused her to forget about the seasonal changes that were normal on Earth.

In Old Rochester she'd paid for discreet transport to get her within fifty miles of Marston. Everyone made the last fifty miles on foot. Luna adjusted the leather strap across her shoulders as a familiar tree came into view.

I can't believe it's still here. A smile tugged at the corner of her lips. The leaves, long since fallen, scattered dark brown around the base of the tree and crunched under her feet. She'd had her first kiss under the tree. Luna veered off the path. The tree meant she was almost there.

The aging oak tree sat atop a knoll and from beneath its bare branches she would be able to see Marston spread out in the valley a mile below. Luna hurried to the tree, her own excitement surprising her. She stepped onto the same granite rock where she'd stood the day she'd left Marston a decade before. 

Tucked in a secluded valley in what was left of the Adirondaks, Luna had called Marston home for eighteen years. Her heart raced and she pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She recognized half a dozen rooftops. She caught movement through the trees and watched until she made out an armed guard circling the southern perimeter of the town. She frowned as she watched him circle away from the town and follow a path towards the tree.


  1. I love and hate these teasers... I want the rest of the story!

  2. When do I get more? I know, I know...... you are too busy packing for AZ to write this week *giggle*.