Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

*yawn* Good Tuesday morning to you! It's been a long night in the London household. Thunderstorms rumbled and shook the house until about 3am and then the nightmares started. Stupid dreams that startle me awake. And why must nightmares be such great plot ideas? I foresee lots of caffeine for me today!

On to the teaser! Hope you enjoy it! Leave a comment below so that I know you dropped by! Don't forget to stop by the fabulous Krystal Shannan's  blog for her own Tuesday Tease!

"Mama, I’ll be good," the little girl whispered. She clung to her mother's legs. "I didn’t mean to fall in the water, I promise I won't do it again." She looked up, her mother's face shadowed by her cloak hood. The winter's night air wrapped around her legs and she shivered. Confusion whirled in her mind. They whispered about her fall into the water at the bath house. "Mama, someone pushed me, don't you believe me?"
 Arms circled her shoulders as her mother dropped to her knees. "Oh, Dominica," her mother sobbed against her. "One day I hope you'll understand."  She buried her face against her mother. The sweet smell of rosewater filled her nose. Her mother's scent.
 "She will be safe, Brother. I give you my word." The senior Vestal nodded her promise to the little girls father. "No one will touch her inside the temple."
 "I know, Sister." Her father nodded. The little girl saw tears in his eyes. "Dominica, it's time. Kiss your mother," he ordered in a voice that cracked as he spoke.
 "But I promise," the little girl sobbed as her father pulled her away from her mother. "I'll be good!" Her scream echoed against the side of the temple. Her father squeezed her one last time and pushed her into the outstretched arms of the Vestal Priestess.
 "Hush, now, child," the Vestal whispered into her ear.
  "No! Mama! Papa! Don't leave me!"


  1. April, this is so emotional. I'd love to have you stop by my blog and add your link to my "Teaser Tuesday" meme. Thanks for sharing your writing!


  2. Thanks ladies! I'll head over to your blog now Nancy!

  3. Goosebumps again! Love that scene, girl!